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 Ruby's Event Giveaways :D

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Will you join?
Yeah! Sounds like fun!
Ruby's Event Giveaways :D I_vote_lcap33%Ruby's Event Giveaways :D I_vote_rcap
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Ruby's Event Giveaways :D I_vote_lcap67%Ruby's Event Giveaways :D I_vote_rcap
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Nah :P
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Ruby's Event Giveaways :D Empty
PostSubject: Ruby's Event Giveaways :D   Ruby's Event Giveaways :D EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 3:14 pm

Okay, I have too many Events that I don't need. So, I made an Event Giveaway thread. All you have to do is read the rules and anything else you'd need to know, like aout donations and how I choose the winner, and then fill out the form correctly and I'll add you to the raffle. So far, I've only done 1 raffle. There're only 15 spots, and they don't seem to be filling up fast... Have fun! Very Happy

Here's the Thread :3
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Ruby's Event Giveaways :D
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